Generative Studies

My collection of generative art series

100% code-based art

About the collection

The generative studies series

Generative studies is a collection of different generative art series. Each series will be based on a new algorithm, with increasing complexity over time. This will be my way of documenting my development as a generative artist.

Generative Studies 1

Generative Studies 1 is my genesis series of generative art NFTs. It is a study of how simple geometry and color can create interesting compositions. I was inspired by Bruno Munari's 'Square, Circle Triangle' and the colors frequently used in the Bauhaus design movement. The p5.js algorithm always draws 3 simple shapes (a triangle, square or circle) in-line in the center of the canvas. The geometry type is determined at random. In addition four squares fill the background from each corner towards the center. The color fill for all geometric shapes is also chosen at random from an array of basic colors [black, white, blue, red, yellow]. For NFTs #1-10 I limited the colors of the triangles in the background to black or white, and for #11-20 I used the full color array. The final selection of NFTs was done by curating many algorithm outputs. They were minted on the solana-based platform.