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Time (displayed above) is the first artwork in the GenArt collection.
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On the theme time

What is time? Good question, not an easy one to answer. Let’s look at it from different perspectives.
Wikipedia says: “Time is the continued sequence of existence and events that occurs in an apparently irreversible succession from the past, through the present, into the future. I would translate this roughly into: time is inevitable directional change.
We know that things were different in the past and will be different in the future. The galaxy expands. Landscapes were formed. Life evolved on earth. Seasons change. Cultures formed and faded. Children are born. They grow into adults, leave their marks, grow old and pass away. Technology developed. Web 1 transitioned to web 2 and web 3. Art has been around for millennia, but the way it is practiced and admired changed.
If you ask a physicist what time is he/she might say something like it’s the fourth dimension of reality. Time is intimately linked with the three dimensions of space in the ‘space-time’ manifold. Gravity distorts time, but we don’t really notice it.
What we do notice is how time affects our own life. We chase significance and love. We take health for granted. But what are these parts of life without time? If we think it through, we will realize time is the most valuable asset we own. Actually, we don’t even get to own it.
We cannot hold on to it.
Most of us spend the majority of our lives thinking about the past or the present. We reminisce the past, clinging to our memories or wishing we had done things differently. We look out for a better present in the future. If only we can make it.. We resist the change that is imminent. We completely forget about the present, and in the future we will regret that.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. Open your eyes to both the light and the dark. Embrace the change of time. Breath in and breath out. Experience. Live. Love. Create.

The artwork and the algorithm

I developed a custom algorithm for 'Time' and curated the best ouput.
The algorithm is created in p5js and contains incomplete circles (arcs) expanding from the center outwards. The width of the arcs doubles with every expansion. The black arcs are supplemented by a subtle white counterpart. A random factor rotates the arcs and creates an offset by which the center of all circles are shifted. Random noise is also used to alter the pixel array to create a grainy texture. You can explore the variety in outputs by clicking the button below.